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Nature 3 Triptych Canvas print
Nature 3 Triptych Canvas print
Nature 3 Triptych Canvas print
Nature 3 Triptych Canvas print

Nature 3 Triptych Canvas print

High-quality canvas prints supplied on wooden stretchers.
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Nature fascinates us every day and never ceases to amaze us: whether it's the sunlight reflecting onto a calm lake or strong snowstorm during a winter’s day. Even watching the leaves fall onto the ground on a sunny autumn day can be a beautiful sight and can help us relax and unwind. Having pictures of nature in our home is a great way to create a calm and peaceful environment for us and our loved ones. It gives the room a natural feeling and our Nature 3 Triptych is perfect example of that.

The 3 piece set shows a curved leaf with water drops on it. The crisp and vibrant green colour and the freshness of the water make this photograph look gorgeous and it's a great decorative addition to your kitchen, lounge or even bathroom.

The Nature 3 Triptych Canvas Print is a three piece set that is mounted onto wooden frames and can be hung as close or far apart as you wish.

All Canvas Prints are mounted on a wooden frame.
Two hangers included!

Our canvas wall art prints are handmade. Every canvas comes with brackets to easily hang your print to the wall, the amount of brackets depends on the size of your print. The canvas prints have the following properties:

  • Printed on high quality, durable canvas, made out of 65% polyester and 35% cotton
  • high colour intensity and saturation
  • wrapped image with a vivid surface texture
  • satin finish for reduced glare
  • 2cm wooden frame
  • screws and plugs for the wall are not included

Please check and follow the instructions.

Your own image or photo as canvas print? Please check our foto-uploader.

Our canvas wall art prints are available in various sizes and weights

Please check and follow the instructions.

  • 30x20 cm

    0,2 kg
  • 45x30 cm

    0,3 kg
  • 60x40 cm

    0,6 kg
  • 80x50 cm

    1,0 kg
  • 100x70 cm

    1,8 kg
  • 120x80 cm

    2,4 kg
  • 150x100 cm

    3,8 kg
  • 180x120 cm

    5,4 kg
  • 200x130 cm

    6,5 kg
  • 60x20 cm

    0,3 kg
  • 80x30 cm

    0,6 kg
  • 100x40 cm

    4,9 kg
  • 120x50 cm

    1,5 kg
  • 150x60 cm

    2,2 kg
  • 200x80 cm

    4,0 kg
  • 40x40 cm

    0,4 kg
  • 50x50 cm

    0,6 kg
  • 70x70 cm

    1,3 kg
  • 100x100 cm

    2,5 kg
  • 120x120 cm

    3,6 kg

The image below indicates the various sizes and how they will fit on your wall or in your room.

Tip: Please select your wall art one size larger than you had planned. We receive many remarks from customers saying they should have chosen a slightly bigger wall decoration.


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