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Hexagon - Alu-Dibond Tohmé - Pulp Fiction
Hexagon - Alu-Dibond Tohmé - Pulp Fiction

Hexagon - Alu-Dibond Tohmé - Pulp Fiction

Iconic pop art by Nour Tohmé.

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Hexagon - Alu-Dibond Tohmé - Pulp Fiction

The French-Lebanese designer and illustrator Nour Tohmé enjoys traveling around the world and has no permanent home. She loves to decide where she wants to be, without being tied to a fixed place. This allows her to develop freely for her art and gather inspiration from various areas such as pop culture, street art and music. Nour likes to combine music with fine art. Typography often plays an important role, using song lyrics from world-famous songs. Discover the colorful Desigsn in the modern look of Nour Tohmé!??The twist of Uma Thurman and John Travolta from the movie "Pulp Fiction" is cult. In an American diner, the two grooved without shoes to the song "You never can tell" by Chuck Berry. This is the coolest dance scene the world has ever seen! Get this memorable scene from the legendary movie and decorate with the gangster couple from the 90s!??The hexagon picture is available in different sizes.

Material description

Our Aluminium Dibond Hexagons are made out of 3mm thick Alu-Dibond.

  • 3 mm thick
  • UV- and weather resistant. Suitable for both in- and outdoors
  • Bend- and scratch resistant
  • The easy to apply self-adhesive spacers add to a floating effect on your wall
  • Easy to hang with applied wall hangers

Our high quality 3mm thick aluminium wall decorations are supplied with wall hanger (optional) and self adhesive spacers.



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