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Melting Keyboard Wall sticker
Melting Keyboard Wall sticker
Melting Keyboard Wall sticker
Melting Keyboard Wall sticker
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Melting Keyboard Wall sticker

The melting keyboard for your wall.
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This item is available in 4 different sizes.
150x76 cm
170x86 cm
190x97 cm
210x107 cm

Writing, creating, working until the keyboard melts! That's what our Melting Keyboard wall sticker is all about! Have you ever felt like your keyboard is glowing after hours and hours of using it? They have become invaluable to us, whether at work or at home. Emails, important letters, searching for holidays or ordering a new book – imagine what life would be like without the keyboard with all its letters, numbers and other important buttons that make our lives so much more comfortable! Time to show the good old keyboard some appreciation!

The Melting Keyboard wall sticker is so cool, even your teenager will love it! It's modern, fun and suitable for boys and girls. But it also looks great in your study, your living room or your kitchen – or wherever you hit the keyboard!

Red, blue or even gold? Whatever you are looking for – look no further! We have got all the colours and sizes! And don't forget that our wall stickers are not only for walls, but also for many other smooth surfaces like mirrors, furniture or doors!

Advantages of our wall stickers:

Easy to apply

self-ahesive and easy to remove

Top quality

flexible and very thin material – looks like it is painted on the wall

no white or transparent edges

Our wall stickers are suitable for the following surfaces: - Top quality products

  • Produced in Europe
  • Wall stickers are produced upon order, so you will always get the newest material


  • Surface must be free of grease and dust. The wall stickers are not suitable for a surface treated with silicone, chalk or magnetic paint.
  • Wallpaper with an extra protection layer is not suitable
  • When you have recently painted your wall, it is important to wait at least three weeks before you apply a new wall sticker
  • To test if your surface is suitable you can request a free sample
  • Please do not store your wall stickers longer than 2 weeks after receiving them

Detailed instructions are included in your order. Please also watch our instruction video here.

  • white

  • golden yellow

  • yellow

  • dark grey

  • dark red

  • red

  • light red

  • burgundy

  • pastel orange

  • violet

  • lavender

  • lilac

  • pink

  • soft pink

  • dark blue

  • ultramarine

  • azure

  • light blue

  • light grey

  • turquoise blue

  • turquoise

  • mint

  • dark green

  • green

  • cream

  • light green

  • brown

  • haselnut brown

  • light brown

  • beige

  • black

  • grey

  • silver

  • gold

  • copper

Colour Samples

Our wall stickers are available in many great colours. To give you the opportunity to match your sticker to your room's unique style, we offer you a free colour sample service.

Select up to three different colours from the choices on the left, fill out the address form and click the "Request Free Colour Sample" button. We will send you a sample with the selected colours by post.

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