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Banksy Wall Art

Banksy - world famous but not known by anyone at the same time

Everyone has seen Banksy art, maybe without realizing it but most people all over the world have seen work by this unknown graffiti artist.

In 2018 one of his most famous works was auctioned for millions at Sotheby's in London where this masterpiece was partly shredded before a live audience which eventually made this piece of art even more valuable than it already was!

Even though Banksy is famous all over the world, his identity remains unknown for all of us. The fact that he remains a mystery makes his designs even more special. Banksy's art is best known for combining graffiti with a characteristic stencil technique.

Banksy's art can be found all over Europe, but also in the United States and even in the Palestinian territories. The graffiti art by Banksy is often political and humerous and is characterized by catchy images and slogans. Usually Banksy's message is against the established order.

Famous works by Banksy are the girl with the red balloon, the bouquet thrower and the well know 'zero interest in people' work.

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"Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable."

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Banksy Wall Art