Construction Site Set Wall sticker
Construction Site Set Wall sticker
Construction Site Set Wall sticker

Construction Site Set Wall sticker

Beautiful set with all the objects found in the construction site is a great addition to your kid's room!
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Construction sites are interesting for boys and girls of all ages! Watching the diggers, bulldozers and cranes doing there job. Digging holes, lifting heavy duty and laying down tarmac are amongst their tasks. Kids could sit and watch this for hours and so could we! That is why we created our fabulous Construction Site Set Wall Sticker! What a joy to look! Let your children be the creator of their very own construction site and let them set it up the way they want to.

The set contains everything a real construction site needs! A digger, a bulldozer, a crane and other vehicles along with building workers, cones, piles of sand, houses and other materials! All parts are in lovely, gender neutral colours and can be attached to the wall individually, so you can get creative! And don't forget that they will stick to any smooth surface, like the doors of the wardrobe or a mirror! 
The Construction Site Set Wall Sticker come in three different sizes!

2x 60x40 cm
2x 90x60 cm
2x 120x80 cm

Sheet 1 (size 60x40cm):
Crossroad = 60x28,4 cm
Excavator = 20x13,2 cm
Bush = 10x8 cm
Woodpile = 12x7 cm
2 x Barrier = 6x4,3 cm & 12x8,7 cm
4 x Traffic cone = 3,5x3,7 cm (2x); 4,5x4,6 cm (2x)
Sandpile = 20x11,8 cm
Wheelbarrow = 4,6x4,7 cm
Tipper = 21x12,5 cm
2 x Worker = 4,5x12 cm; 5,5x14,8 cm
Pads = 13x6,4 cm

Sheet 2 (size 60x40cm):
Street = 47,6x13 cm
House & Tree = 10x9,3 cm
Crane = 15x19 cm
Works sign = 3,6x8,3 cm
Concrete mixer = 15x8 cm
Bulldozer = 13x10,4 cm
Construction = 16x18,5 cm
2 x Bush = 7x5,6 cm (2x)
2 x Woodpile = 8x4,6 cm; 12x7 cm
Barrier = 12x8,7 cm
5 x Traffic cone = 3x3 cm (3x); 4,5x4,6 cm (2x)
Sandpile = 15x9 cm
Wheelbarrow = 6,6x6 cm
Tipper = 25x15 cm
Worker = 3,5x9,4 cm
Pads = 10x5 cm

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Product facts

  • Theme: Bestsellers, Vehicles
  • Living area: Baby Room, Kids Room
  • Colour: Colourful
  • Product type: Wall Decal
  • Age: Baby, Kids
  • Gender: Boys
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Material description

  • Self adhesive
  • Easy to put on, easy to remove
  • Flexible and very thin vinyl - looks like being painted
  • Contour cut, without transparent or white edges
Available for the following surfaces
Please note when applying your wall sticker
  • Surface has to be free of dust, grease, silicone, latex and acrylic paint.
  • Wallpaper with an extra protection layer is not suitable
  • When you have recently painted your wall, it is important to wait at least three weeks before you apply a new wall sticker
  • Please do not store your wall stickers longer than 2 weeks after receiving them
  • Please check and follow the instructions.
  • These wall stickers cannot be reused after removing them. Depending on the type of wall paint, some flakes of paint may come loose whilst removing the wall sticker. This is something that is out of our influence and therefore no reason for a warranty claim.

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