Wine Glasses Photo Wallpaper
Wine Glasses Photo Wallpaper

Wine Glasses Photo Wallpaper

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There is a huge range of grapes which all taste and look slightly different, but it is the different soil and climate in the wine producing countries that really make the difference. Wine is produced by many countries around the world. Spain, New Zealand, Austria and the US are just a few of the biggest wine exporters in the world. The Wine Glasses Photo Wallpaper is a great wall decoration for the admirers of this great drink, whether you like it chilled or not.

A red and a white – we all have our preferences, but most of us like them all the same. How about a new wallpaper for your kitchen or dining room? It will change the atmosphere instantly, making the room feel comfortable, stylish and trendy. It is also great for a winery, a wine shop or a bar. The colours are exceptional and we love how the photographer managed to hit the button at just the right moment.

With photo wallpaper you can easily transform a room completely in an instant. In our online shop you can find various designs in many styles. There is plenty of choice for every room in your home .

For the best result you look at the wallpaper from a small distance. Viewed from up-close a slightly blurred effect is unavoidable.

Material: fleece

The Wall-Art photo wallpaper is a high quality product »MADE IN EUROPE«. To fit your wall, you can select various sizes. Our photo wallpaper is available as fleece.

Our fleece wallpaper has the advantage that you have the ability to make small corrections after applying. Another advantage is that the fleece wallpaper is slightly thicker than normal paper wallpaper.

Note: For the best result you look at the wallpaper from a small distance. Viewed from up-close a slightly blurred effect is unavoidable.

Properties Fleece Photo Wallpapers
  • suitable for every surface which is suitable for wallpaper
  • width of each lane is 48cm
  • covers small cracks and dents in the wall
  • easy to handle and to apply
  • can be applied without overlap
  • high light-resistance & durability
  • weight: 200 g/m²
  • thickness: 200µ

Please check our full product instructions.

Reclamations cannot be accepted when the instructions have not been followed fully and thoroughly.

Order your accesories for easy application:

Product facts

Living Area:
Kitchen, Party Room
Kitchen, Drinks

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