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Kids Alphabet Wall sticker
Kids Alphabet Wall sticker
Kids Alphabet Wall sticker
Kids Alphabet Wall sticker
Kids Alphabet Wall sticker
Kids Alphabet Wall sticker

Kids Alphabet Wall sticker

Learning the alphabet can be fun!

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      Letters mean the world. They are the key to communication. We speak with them and he hear them. They are vital to a happy and successful life. We need them to read books from a very early age on. They inspire us and open up a whole new world. We need them to write. Wether it is a birthday card to a friend or a love letter to our first crush – letters are vital to our everyday life and no age is too young to get started! Our Kids Alphabet Wall Sticker is the perfect way to get the little ones used to letters!

      This Kids Alphabet Wall Sticker is the perfect way to learn all the different letters in a fun and playful way! All letters are colourful and show an object that starts with the very same letter, like A for apple or G for giraffe. You can also spell out different words with the letters, like your child's name. It's a fantastic decoration for the children's room or the play corner the living room!
      We offer 4 different sizes, so you can pick the one that's right for you! 

      Sheet sizes:
      45x30 cm
      60x40 cm
      90x60 cm
      120x80 cm

      With these amazing animal letters learning the alphabet is a piece of cake! Learning through play always brings great effects - help your kid with new letters and turn the nursery into an alphabet zoo! .

      Sizes of individual letters for different sheets:

      45 x 30 cm

      60 x 40 cm 

      90 x 60 cm

      120 x 80 cm

      A = 4x6 cm
      B = 5x6 cm
      C = 4x8 cm
      D = 5x7 cm
      E = 3x5 cm
      F = 6x5 cm
      G = 5x5 cm
      H = 5x8 cm
      I = 4x6 cm
      J = 5x7 cm
      K = 4x6 cm
      L = 6x6 cm
      M = 6x5 cm
      N = 3x4 cm
      O = 4x6 cm
      P = 5x5 cm
      Q = 4x7 cm
      R = 5x6 cm
      S = 4x6 cm
      T = 3x4 cm
      U = 4x7 cm
      V = 5x5 cm
      W = 6x5 cm
      X = 4x5 cm
      Y = 5x5 cm
      Z = 4x5 cm

      A = 5x8 cm
      B = 7x8 cm
      C = 5x11 cm
      D = 7x10 cm
      E = 4x7 cm
      F = 8x7 cm
      G = 6x6 cm
      H = 6x10 cm
      I = 5x9 cm
      J = 6x9 cm
      K = 6x9 cm
      L = 9x8 cm
      M = 8x7 cm
      N = 5x6 cm
      O = 6x8 cm
      P = 6x6 cm
      Q = 5x9 cm
      R = 7x9 cm
      S = 6x8 cm
      T = 5x6 cm
      U = 5x10 cm
      V = 7x7 cm
      W = 8x7 cm
      X = 5x6 cm
      Y = 6x7 cm
      Z = 6x7 cm

      A = 8x12 cm
      B = 11x12 cm
      C = 8x17 cm
      D = 11x15 cm
      E = 6x11 cm
      F = 12x11 cm
      G = 9x10 cm
      H = 9x15 cm
      I = 7x13 cm
      J = 10x14 cm
      K = 9x13 cm
      L = 13x13 cm
      M = 12x11 cm
      N = 7x9 cm
      O = 8x12 cm
      P = 9x10 cm
      Q = 8x13 cm
      R = 11x13 cm
      S = 9x12 cm
      T = 7x9 cm
      U = 7x15 cm
      V = 10x10 cm
      W = 13x11 cm
      X = 8x10 cm
      Y = 9x10 cm
      Z = 9x10 cm

      A = 11x17 cm
      B = 14x16 cm
      C = 11x22 cm
      D = 14x19 cm
      E = 9x15 cm
      F = 16x15 cm
      G = 12x13 cm
      H = 12x20 cm
      I = 10x17 cm
      J = 13x18 cm
      K = 12x17 cm
      L = 17x17 cm
      M = 16x14 cm
      N = 9x12 cm
      O = 11x16 cm
      P = 13x13 cm
      Q = 10x18 cm
      R = 15x17 cm
      S = 12x16 cm
      T = 9x12 cm
      U = 10x20 cm
      V = 13x14 cm
      W = 17x15 cm
      X = 11x13 cm
      Y = 12x13 cm
      Z = 12x13 cm

      Material & Assembly
      • Self adhesive
      • Easy to put on, easy to remove
      • Flexible and very thin vinyl - looks like being painted
      • Contour cut, without transparent or white edges
      Available for the following surfaces
      Please note when applying your wall sticker
      • Surface has to be free of dust, grease, silicone, latex and acrylic paint.
      • Wallpaper with an extra protection layer is not suitable
      • When you have recently painted your wall, it is important to wait at least three weeks before you apply a new wall sticker
      • Please do not store your wall stickers longer than 2 weeks after receiving them
      • Please check and follow the instructions.
      • These wall stickers cannot be reused after removing them. Depending on the type of wall paint, some flakes of paint may come loose whilst removing the wall sticker. This is something that is out of our influence and therefore no reason for a warranty claim.

      Wall-Art - Quality since 2007
      Made in Europe
      Highest quality by using European materials

      Please note: Some wallpaint manufacturers use hidden silicone in their products, to test your surface please request a free sample sticker.



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