Acrylic Print Colombo - Wind mill at the Don Quijote Route

A high quality print on acrylic
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Acrylic Print Colombo - Wind mill at the Don Quijote Route

Wall-art brings art work to life with this stylish print on acrylic. The impressive luminosity and depth are stunning. The glossy print on acrylic transforms the image into state-of-the-art wall décor and is a perfect alternative to canvas and dibond prints. Contrast and details are visible thanks to our high quality printing technology. The wall-art acrylic prints, also known as plexiglass prints, are even suitable for outdoor use while it has UV-protection. You will be able to enjoy your print on acrylic for many years without even noticing a slight difference in its vivid colors.


  • Your image gets directly printed onto the back of 5 mm (1/5") thick clear acrylic.
  • The high gloss of the acrylic print complements the rich colors of the image to produce a stunning result.
  • For step by step instructions on how to hang your acrylic print, please view our instruction video. It's very easy to hang your lightweight acrylic wall art.
  • The wall-art acrylic prints are suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Luminous colors and depth.

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Product facts

  • Artist: Colombo
By purchasing this product, you support the organization „One Tree Planted“

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Material description

Our acrylic wall decorations have the following features:

  • Printed on 5 mm thick shatterproof Acrylic Glass with square corners
  • State of the art direct back printing resulting in brilliant colors and a 3D effect
  • High colour intensity and saturation
  • Easy to hang using pre-installed wall brackets and the self-adhesive spacers
  • Shipped with protective foil to ensure a scratch free finish
  • Easily attach the self-adhesive spacers on the backside of your wall art. The spacers are included in your delivery
  • Suitable for both in- and outdoors
  • Available in XXL sizes

Important!: All available attachment points at the back of the glass should be used for hanging in order to distribute the weight of the glass evenly. Do not hang the glass with rope, wires etc as this causes an excessive force on the wall mounts. Be sure to always fasten the wall decoration with screws/hooks. Wall-Art is not responsible for not damages when not following this instruction.

Important!: The wall mountings are designed to take all weight in a vertical direction, use of wire or cable results in a force on an angle, which will not hold. It is strictly prohibited to use cable/wire/rope to hang the wall-art. Wall-Art is not responsible for not damages when not following this instruction.

Important!: The acrylic glass will be delivered with a protective film, this film has a green glare and it may seem that the image is scratched or damaged, after removing the film you will see the actual acrylic, so do not forget!

Please check and follow the instructions.

Your own image or photo as acrylic glass print? Please check our foto-uploader.


Our acrylic glass prints are available in the following sizes and weights.

Please check and follow the instructions.

  • 60x40 cm

    1,4 kg
  • 100x70 cm

    4,1 kg
  • 120x75 cm

    5,3 kg
  • 150x100 cm

    8,9 kg
  • 200x130 cm

    15,5 kg
  • 80x30 cm

    1,4 kg
  • 100x40 cm

    2,4 kg
  • 120x50 cm

    3,6 kg
  • 150x60 cm

    5,3 kg

The image and video below indicate the various sizes and how they will fit on your wall or in your room.

Suitable for both in- and outdoors:

Tip: Please select your wall art one size larger than you had planned. We receive many remarks from customers saying they should have chosen a slightly bigger wall decoration.

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