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Chill-out Zone 2 Wall sticker

Mark your own chill-out zone.

Chill-out Zone 2 Wall sticker
Chill-out Zone 2 Wall sticker
Design Options
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Example room layouts

Chill-out Zone 2 Wall sticker

Mark your own chill-out zone.

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This item is available in 5 different sizes.

We all need a room and a space to relax. For some people this is bathtub, soaking in hot water, for others it's got to be the kitchen, cocking a fancy meal for friends and family. Children love to lie on the sofa, having a story read to them, teenagers prefer a quite seat on their beds with their notebooks on their laps. We all have our own idea of how and where to chill, so you can attach the Chill our Zone Wall Sticker to any wall you want!

Do you love to unwind in your conservatory? Or do you rather read a good book on your favourite armchair in the lounge? The Chill out Zone Wall Sticker is ideal for any room, any wall, any door. The fun and large letters make sure that everybody knows that this is the place where you don't want to be disturbed! Sit back, enjoy the peace and chill out!

Five different sizes and a huge range of colours give you any options you might need to pick your perfect Chill out Wall Sticker!

Material description
  • Self adhesive
  • Easy to put on, easy to remove
  • Flexible and very thin vinyl - looks like being painted
  • Contour cut, without transparent or white edges
Available for the following surfaces
Please note when applying your wall sticker
  • Surface has to be free of dust, grease, silicone, latex and acrylic paint.
  • Wallpaper with an extra protection layer is not suitable
  • When you have recently painted your wall, it is important to wait at least three weeks before you apply a new wall sticker
  • Please do not store your wall stickers longer than 2 weeks after receiving them
  • Please check and follow the instructions.
  • These wall stickers cannot be reused after removing them. Depending on the type of wall paint, some flakes of paint may come loose whilst removing the wall sticker. This is something that is out of our influence and therefore no reason for a warranty claim.

Wall-Art - Quality since 2007
Made in Europe
Highest quality by using European materials

Please note: Some wallpaint manufacturers use hidden silicone in their products, to test your surface please request a free sample sticker.



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