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Stars Set (20 pieces) Wall Mirror
Stars Set (20 pieces) Wall Mirror

Stars Set (20 pieces) Wall Mirror

Shiny mirror stars above your bed.

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The set consists of 20 individual parts. The mirror surface of acrylic glass is crystal clear, the mirror image is not distorted. 

Sizes per set:
Set 1: 2 x 15x14 cm, 2 x 11x11 cm, 6 x 8x8 cm and 10 x 4x4 cm
Set 2: 2 x 20x20 cm, 2 x 15x15 cm, 6 x 10x10 cm and 10 x 5x5 cm
Set 3: 2 x 25x25 cm, 2 x 19x19 cm, 6 x 13x13 cm and 10 x 6x6 cm

Material description

Our acrylic mirrors have the following features:

3mm thick acrylic

lightweight and not as heavy as a regular mirror

contoured edges

through precision laser cutting

Clear glass surface


Tip: For attaching the small mirror elements, we recommend self-adhesive pads.
Please Note: The decorative mirrors are protected during transportation with a clear, protective film. Please remove this layer carefully before use without using any sharp objects.


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