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3D Mr & Mrs -Modern- 3D letter
3D Mr & Mrs -Modern- 3D letter

3D Mr & Mrs -Modern- 3D letter

Romantic statement in modern font!

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This item is available in 1 size.

Size: ca. 63 x 15 x 2cm

Decoration Letters - Mr & Mrs Modern

The 3D Mr & Mrs modern letters are not just simply stunning, but also a really cool and modern. It's perfect as a present for newlyweds or even as the centrepiece on the bride & groom table at a wedding. Did you just get married and want to show it? Then this three piece ornament is just the thing for you! It contains the letters for 'Mr' and 'Mrs', as well as an ampersand to connect the two. All letters are individual, so it's completely up to you how and where they will be placed. They sure look good on a sideboard or above your bed!

You want the 3D Mr & Mrs letters on the wall? No problem! Our letters are made out of PVC foam to make them extra light. All you need is Tesa Tack to attach them to a wall! It's also a very durable material that can be painted or otherwise decorated.

Material description

Our decorative 3D letters are made of PVC foam.

  • Stable and light
  • Precise and laser cut
  • 19 mm thick PVC foam
  • Matt white surface
  • Can be painted and enameled
  • Decorative letters made out of 19mm thick PVC

Please note that not all letters can stand by themselves. Please lean them against the wall or use self adhesive pads to apply them to the wall. Please select your paint for PVC carefully. Due to the huge amount of types of paint, we cannot give a uniform advice on which paint to use.



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