3D Darling 3D letter
3D Darling 3D letter

3D Darling 3D letter

You are my darling!
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This item is available in 2 sizes.

104x15 cm
137x20 cm

Are you looking for a present for your loved one? Whether it's for her or his birthday, Valentines, anniversary of just to say how much you love them – the 3D Darling letters are the perfect gift for any occasion! The four letters are individual, self-standing and simply stunning! They can be painted on or decorated with napkin decoupage or something similar! Get creative! The letters look great on the birthday table or the dinner table, when you cook her/him that perfect dinner for your anniversary! Your darling will love and appreciate the gesture.

Our 3D darling letters are made from PVC foam and are manufactured in Europe. They are incredibly light, which means you can attach them to the wall without having to drill holes or put nails into the walls, just use Tesa Tack. And to make your darling's face sparkle, you can add the extra bit of sparkle by attaching Original Swarovski Elements to the letters!

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Product facts

  • Art form: Typography And Texts, 3D
  • Living area: Living Room, Bedroom
  • Colour: White
  • Product type: Decorative Letters, Decoration Made Of PVC
  • Format: Letter
By purchasing this product, you support the organization „One Tree Planted“

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Material description

Our decorative 3D letters are made of PVC foam.

  • Stable and light
  • Precise and laser cut
  • 19 mm thick PVC foam
  • Matt white surface
  • Can be painted and enameled
  • Decorative letters made out of 19mm thick PVC

Please note that not all letters can stand by themselves. Please lean them against the wall or use self adhesive pads to apply them to the wall. Please select your paint for PVC carefully. Due to the huge amount of types of paint, we cannot give a uniform advice on which paint to use.

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