3D - Balloon with string 3D letter
3D - Balloon with string 3D letter

3D - Balloon with string 3D letter

Amazing decoration, not only for the kids room!
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Size (total): ca. 20,5 x 28 x 0,5cm
Accessories: red plastic string, a "plug-in" module for string attachment
Colours: red, green, yellow, black, grey, white, blue

 Please note: This product is not "free standing" and can only lean on or be attached to the wall.
It contains small elements and should not be used as a toy for children.
On the back side there are small incisions formed in the production process, but they don't influence the quality of the product.
For extra security the product is covered with the protective foil that can be easily removed at home.

3D Balloon with string  
This 3D product is made of 5mm thick PVC foam. The surface is matt on both sides and can be easily varnished, painted or glued. If you want to affix it to the wall we recommend self-adhesive pads from Tesa!

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Product facts

  • Living area: Living Room, Kids Room, Baby Room
  • Art form: 3D
  • Colour: White, Blue, Yellow, Grey, Red, Black, Green
  • Product type: Decoration Made Of PVC
  • Age: Kids, Baby
  • Gender: Neutral
By purchasing this product, you support the organization „One Tree Planted“

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Material description

De 3D decoration letters are made of PVC

The 5 mm thick 3D letters:

  • are light and stable
  • can be painted or pasted
  • are made in Europe of excellent quality
  • have a thickness of 5 mm
  • can lean against the wall or stuck on the wall (the letter can not be independent)
  • are available in red, green, yellow, black, gray, white or blue


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