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Lion King

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    Lion King

    The Lion King is an American movie from 1994 which is still popular amongst many children and adults. Nowadays the Lion King is also a cartoon on television and a popular musical. The story of the Lion King takes place in the African savannah where the lion is the king of the animals. The animals in the movie can talk and think like humans. Elephants, zebras, a buffalo and other animals are the main characters of this movie where beautiful music is used as the well known theme song in the background.

    Scar is the brother of King Musafa and all Scar wanted was to be king himself. Scar tries to harm the son of King Musafa but Musafa manages to save his son. Unfortunately Mufasa himself dies in this fight. A helpless Simba escapes to the rainforest where he meets new friends who teach him the motto Hakuna Matata: do not worry!

    When Simba returns to his birthplace he suddenly sees how the savannah became barren and therefore he wants to reclaim the kingdom. After a fight between Scar and Simba it is Simba who wins and becomes the king of the savannah. The trees turn green again and everything is back to usual.

    Lion King wall art stickers, Lion King wallpaper and Lion King window stickers can easily be ordered right here at wall-art.com. You can apply them easily to a smooth wall and decorate the kids room your boy or girl will absolutely love!

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