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Manuals for working with our products |

How to apply Wall Stickers?


  • Please read the instructions thoroughly before starting.
  • Make sure that the surface you want to use is dry, clean and free of grease.
  • If necessary, mark the required area on the wall with a pencil.

Please note:
  • If your walls are freshly painted please wait at least 3 weeks until the paint has thoroughly dried.
  • Most of our wall stickers can be used individually. Just cut out individual elements using scissors.
  • It is easier to apply a large wall sticker with the help of another preson.
  • When storing a wall sticker make sure it is placed in a clean and dry area in temperature between 10° C and 25° C.
  • During shipping air-bubbles might appear between the backing paper and application tape. This has no effect on the quality of the sticker once it is applied.
Step 1Step 1

Smooth out the backing paper using your hands or a plastic squeegee to ensure the sticker adheres to the transparent application tape.

Step 2Step 2

Carefully remove the backing paper at a flat angle ensuring the sticker remains on the application tape.


Step 3Step 3

Affix the wall sticker to the desired location with the adhesive side facing the surface.

Step 4Step 4

Smooth out the application tape using your hands or a plastic squeegee.

Step 5Step 5

Please pay special attention to the edges and small details.

Step 6Step 6

Carefully peel off the application tape at a flat angle.


Step 7Step 7

Please peel slowly...

Step 8Step 8

If some parts do not stick to the wall properly press them on with your fingers or a squeegee.

Step 9Step 9

Completely remove the application tape.

Step 10Step 10

Now press on your new wall sticker firmly using a towel or a lint-free cloth.

Note! For the best results, we suggest to use a hairdryer at the lowest setting to warm up the film and smoothen out the Sticker. This takes a little more time, but the results are even better. The Sticker will appear like it is painted on the wall.

PDF Icon download detailed manual

How to apply Wall Prints?

  • Please read the instructions thoroughly before you start.
  • Make sure the surface you want to use is dry and free of dust and grease.
  • If necessary, mark the corners of the designated area using a pencil.
Step 1Step 1

Place the Wall Print onto a smooth and even surface (e.g. table / floor) with the white backing paper on top, Wall Print facing down.

Step 2Step 2

Carefully peel off approx. 4 inches of the backing paper starting on top of the Wall Print and fold down the loose part of the backing paper.

Step 3Step 3

Adjust your Wall Print using the pencil marks and carefully peel off the backing paper step by step, while smoothing out the Wall Print with a soft towel.

Step 4Step 4

Smooth out the corners and edges of the Wall Print.

Step 5Step 5

Repeat the last step after 24 hours.

PDF Icon download detailed manual

Instructions for applying self-adhesive wallpapers

Photo Wallpapers from K&L Wall Art can be simply and easily attached to the wall. Because they are self-adhesive there is no need to use any additional glue. The quality, durability and color intensity of our self-adhesive photo wallpapers are very impressive!


  • Please read the instructions thoroughly before applying
  • In case of freshly painted walls please allow at least 10 days for drying
  • The wall surface should be free of grease, dust, latex or silicone
  • Application will be faster with the help of another person
Step 1Step 1

Have your self-adhesive photo wallpaper and a press roller ready.

Step 2Step 2

Measure the required space on the wall including spaces for individual parts of the wallpaper – mark them on the wall with the pencil.

Step 3Step 3

Pull the upper part of the supporting film foil off and fold it backwards so the adhesive part is exposed.

Step 4Step 4

Place the wallpaper strip right within the lines marked on the wall and press the upper part strongly.

Step 5Step 5

Slowly pull the supporting film foil down and press the wallpaper from the top downwards.

Step 6Step 6

Now carefully measure the overlapping interval on the wallpaper by 3mm, for better results mark the space with the pencil.

Step 7Step 7

Apply the following parts making sure they are placed within the marked lines – thatnks to the overlapping there will be no visible space between individual lines.

Step 8Step 8

Press the wallpaper carefully but strongly with a press roller, felt squeegee or a soft cloth.

Step 9Step 9

Now it’s ready! We hope you enjoy your new decoration from!

Application instructions – Fleece Photo Wallpapers

Application instructions – Fleece Photo Wallpapers

Important information:

Fleece Photo Wallpapers are non-woven large-scale decorations supplied in one or several parts. For applying the wallpaper we recommend using a standard universal adhesive. The size of the wallpaper can be easily customised with a cutter. The following six steps will help you with the application – please read them thoroughly!

Materials needed: wallpaper, application instructions, universal adhesive, bucket with water, roller, ruler, cutter, pencil, spirit level, soft sponge and scissors.

Step 1

Unroll the stripes of wallpaper and put them in order – separate the individual stripes from each other using scissors (there are help-lines for cutting on the back of the wallpaper).

Step 2

Measure the wall and mark the points on the wall with the pencil. For better results it is recommended to mark the points for each individual stripes.

Step 3

Mix the adhesive with water and apply it to the wall generously. It is better to apply too much than too little of the adhesive, the excess can be removed later. Please have in mind that the adhesive should only be applied to the wall, not on the wallpaper itself!

Step 4

It is best to start with the first left stripe – stick it to the wall making sure it fits the markings made before. Start at the top and press with the roller downwards.

Step 5

Use the spirit level to make sure the stripe is properly aligned, adjust it when needed. Now take the second stripe and stick it next to the first one making sure they don’t overlap, use the roller to press it downwards. Follow the steps 4 and 5 for the remaining stripes. If there are any remains of the adhesive, you can now carefully wipe them off with a soft sponge – please don’t use a cloth, it could damage the wallpaper!

Step 6

When all the stripes are on the wall, fix them again with the roller. If necessary, the stripes can now be adjusted with the cutter. Now it’s ready!

If you have any questions about the product please contact us at:
[email protected]

TIP 1: For a wallpaper to hold strongly, the surface must be clean and free of dust and grease. It is also recommended to wait at least a week after painting the walls before applying the wallpaper.

TIP 2: Use help of another person when applying the wallpaper - it will be easier and more fun!