All you need is love... and a few wall stickers to express yourself to the ones you love.

Get inspired and show your feelings!

You don´t find a matching sticker? Need a name made with love? Please ask for a custom-made wall sticker. Here everything is possible!

We are happy to assist you.

Wall Stickers Love

Wall Stickers - Joli Coeur - 80x57cm, ab 49.00 €

Joli Coeur

Detailsfrom € 49.00*
Wall Stickers - Swans - 50x15cm, ab 11.00 €


Detailsfrom € 11.00*
Wall Stickers - Love Bubble - 40x56cm, ab 15.90 €

Love Bubble

Detailsfrom € 15.90*
Wall Stickers - Lips - 40x28cm, ab 14.90 €


Detailsfrom € 14.90*
Wall Stickers - He She - 30x29cm, ab 13.00 €

He She

Detailsfrom € 13.00*
Wall Stickers - Love 2 - 30x17cm, ab 10.00 €

Love 2

Detailsfrom € 10.00*
Wall Stickers - Love Birds - 30x25cm, ab 10.00 €

Love Birds

Detailsfrom € 10.00*
Wall Stickers - Diva - 50x62cm, ab 30.90 €


Detailsfrom € 30.90*

Show your love with Wall Art

Are you currently in love? In a long & happy relationship? Or perhaps an important anniversary is approaching soon? You can express your feelings by the usual means like small gifts in the famous heart shape or red roses. You can also be original and use one of the numerous love designs from!

The wall sticker with a tender statement or an erotic undertone guarantees a romantic mood. Very suitable would be designs showing kissing partners or a cute couple. The two loving cats or the proud swans are also enchanting the mood with their tenderness.

But which wall sticker is the right one? Always follow your good feelings! If you prefer to leave the  choice to your beloved ones, we also have beautiful gift cards. Or maybe you want to pick your favorite love design together over a glass of wine in the evening..?