Borders & Banners

Style your walls with decorative banners and borders. Designs that create a great atmosphere.

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Wall Stickers Borders & Banners

Wall Stickers - Border 6 - 100x13cm, ab 17.00 €

Border 6

Detailsfrom € 17.00*
Wall Stickers - Border 7 - 100x17cm, ab 22.90 €

Border 7

Detailsfrom € 22.90*
Wall Stickers - Border 8 - 100x17cm, ab 22.90 €

Border 8

Detailsfrom € 22.90*
Wall Stickers - Beauty - 50x50cm, ab 34.00 €


Detailsfrom € 34.00*

Decorating with banners & borders

With the borders and banners from K&L Wall Art you can find the perfect decoration for your home. The beautiful ornaments and large-scale wall stickers make a great impression and are easy to install. Decorating is fun with our original borders and banners!

In the living room above the sofa, in the bedroom over the bed or on a sideboard - in these places borders look best. They also look fantastic in a hallway and a corridor. Remember you have 35 vibrant colours to choose from!

Glue the banner and borders to your wallpaper, fine plaster and wood-chip - you will quickly appreciate the colourful effect. Lots of fun decorating wishes you the Wall Art team!