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Border Red Poppy Wall Stickers

Very elegant border with red poppies. This item has a size of 15 x 6 inches.

Art. no.: WD50291
£ 11.92

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This item has a size of 15 x 6 inches. 

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Lovely Wall Stickers - The Modern Way to Decorate Your Home

Modern wall stickers are the latest trend in interior design. We only use premium vinyl films marked with a better flexibility than other products on the market. Our products have been tested extensively. You can use our wall decal designs on plaster, glass, tiles, wood, plastics, and other clean and grease-free surfaces. Revive your home with wall stickers!
  • Our wall stickers are made of self-adhesive flexible premium vinyl film
  • The film has a matte surface to reduce light reflections
  • You can remove the Wall Sticker at any time without damage to the surface
  • It is easy to apply - our Affixing Manual can help you with the process

Color Samples

Our wall stickers are available in many great colours. To give you the opportunity to match your sticker to your room's unique style, we offer you a free colour sample service.

Select up to three different colours from the choices on the left, fill out the address form and click the "Request Free Colour Sample" button. We will send you a sample with the selected colours by post.

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  • pink

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  • dark blue

  • ultramarine

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  • light blue

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  • turquoise blue

  • turquoise

  • mint

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  • green

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