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Original Swarovski Elements
Original Swarovski Elements

Precious, self-adhesive Swarovski Elements. Add a little glamour to your home!


The little helper for best results.


Border Red Poppy

Product No.: WD50291

Very elegant border with red poppies. This item has a size of 15 x 6 inches.

Price: 14.90

incl. 19% Tax

Shipping € 4.50

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Borders -

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Border Red Poppy


This item has a size of 15 x 6 inches. 


Personalised wall art!

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Wall Stickers
advanced & modern way to style your home.
Wall Stickers and Wall Prints are the latest trend in interior design. We only use premium vinyl films marked with a better flexibility than other products on the market.Our products have been tested extensively. You can use our Wall Stickers on plaster, glass, tiles, wood, plastics and other clean and grease-free surfaces. Revive your walls with Wall Stickers of K&L Wall Art.


  • Wall Sticker is made of self-adhesive flexible premium vinyl film.
  • It has a matte surface to reduce light reflections.
  • You can remove the Wall Sticker at any time without damage to the surface.
  • It is easy to apply. Our application guide can help you with the process.


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